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Plaque Control Record by O'Leary


Plaque Control Record by O'Leary

The Plaque Control Record by O'Leary is a very simple teaching method to help you improve on your daily Oral Hygiene of brushing and flossing.  This was developed by Dr. Timothy J. O'Leary.

Again Bacterial Plaque is the most common  causative factor associated with periodontal disease.  Bacterial Plaque is part of our normal oral flora and is in our mouth 24 hours a day for our entire liftime.  Our concern is the amount of Bacterial Plaque at the gum line that leads into the periodontal pocket.

It is very simple:  Infections is caused by

1.  Host or patient.

2.  Micororganisms or bacteria plaque which is omnipresent.

3.  The total number of bacteria present.

Generally we can not change the first two of the above, but we can easily alter or change the total number of bacteria present with good OHI of "Brushing and Flossing".

The Plaque Control Record is a very simple percentage or score of the total amount of bacteria present in your mouth.  A tooth has 4 surfaces at the gum line being; the cheek side, tongue side, front side,  and back side.  We will disclose or stain up the Bacterial Plaque to show where you may be missing and then show you how to properly get the appropriate oral hygiene aide to that area to remove it effectively.

For example:

If you have 10 teeth you have a total of 40 surfaces of concern.  If all 40 surfaces stain with Bacterial Plaque you have  a score of 100% and this is bad!

If only 20 surfaces are stained with Bacterial Plaque you have a score of  50%.

If only 10 surfaces are stained with Bacterial Plaque you have a score of 25%.

If only 4 surfaces are stained with Bacterial Plaque you have a score of 10%.

If none of the surfaces are stained with Bacterial Plaqeu you have a score of ZERO!!!!!

We will show you how to get below 10% and we feel that this is a threshold level for success and you can easily achieve this with proper bruhing and flossing.   Again we want you to brush 4-5 times per day and floss 2 times per day.   Please bring your brushes at each and every visit and we will help you improve your daily OHI.

Sample of Plaque Control Record by O'Leary.