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Cost of dental Implants

 Is the lowest priced dental implant your best choice of treatment

Do you really save money in the long run?

  We think the answer is NO!!!

Just like every person is different, every dental implant case is different and because of this, costs vary according to the individual needs of each person.  A dentist that offers a low fixed price on what turns out to be a difficult case might be tempted to cut corners to keep costs down, leading to serious problems.  We see these problems several times a year when suffering patients ask us to fix problems that could have been avoided by using a Surgical Specialist in the first place. Drs. Nishimine and Tseng are periodontists who, have taken a residency in Periodontics and Dental Implants.   This is 3 years education beyond the normal dental school.   Drs. Nishimine and Tseng have placed several thousand dental implants since 1991.   Don't be shy in asking your Doctor if he / she have a surgical residency and how many years of advanced training they have taken beyond dental school.


Planning for your Dental implant.

Get started sooner rather than later.
Bone loss begins as soon as a tooth is lost.  It is better to have a good foundation of bone for your dental implant so don't put it off.  The only way to see how much bone is available for your implant is to get small X-ray films of the affected area.